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Create a List

Create your shopping list and search your items in the stores around your location. You can also save your list and search its items later anytime.

Add a Store

Open your own shop and add items, you sell, to your shop and place your store on the World Map, so that the people around the world could see your store. By this you can enhance your selling rate.


Search Nearby Stores

Search Stores around your location to see which and which type of stores are near to you. You can also vote for a store to verify or report it or add items to it.

My Stores

Stores that you have added, claimed ownership of and your owned ones populate here. See the orders that have been placed to your store. Add and Manage the items of your store.

What VRMerchants is all about...

Our Belief

At VRMerchants, we firmly believe that everyone should have the full advantages of the internet, including buying and selling without the need to setup and maintain an expensive e-commerce website; not just those who can afford the hefty costs involved in developing and maintaining a web-presence.

VRM Benefits

We believe the benefit shouldn't be limited to socializing and infotainment - rather the full advantage of online trading should be available to everyone. VRMerchants is a social shopping portal where any one and everyone can actually buy and sell without going into the hassle of setting up online payment options, such as credit cards or Paypal.

The Best Part

And the best part is, that the store keeper doesn't even have to be tech savvy enough to sign up with us, his community can register his store, and add the store's inventory at VRMerchants, and the store would then start appearing in search results to all those who search for the products in that locality.

V R all Merchants!

So the next time you're packing your favorite drinks for your trip to the deserts of Dubai, check out if they're already available at a nearby store at your destination! Now that's what we call internet for everyone! That's why not only the shop keeper would become a V-Merchant, but his whole community would join in! That's why V R all Merchants!

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